Selecting Your Heater

  • Why should I consider a Cannon Gas Log Heater?
    I want to replace my existing gas or oil space heater. Which model should I choose?
    What style of home do Cannon Gas Log Heaters suit?
    What size room can be heated with Cannon Gas Log Heaters?
    Are Cannon Gas Log Heaters energy efficient?
    What are the safety features?
    What makes a powerflue heater so special?
    When would I choose a powerflue heater?
    When is a powerflue gas heater most effective?
    What is a mock fireplace?

Installing your heater

  • What if I have special installation requirements?
    Do I need an existing fireplace or chimney to have Cannon Gas Log Heaters?

Using your heater

  • How do I clean my Cannon heater?
    What should I expect from the flames?
    How often should I service my heater?
    What if a gust of wind switches my heater off?
    How do I set the clock and day of the week on my remote thermostat (optional)?