For the design conscious home renovator, a powerflue heater provides a flexible flueing system allowing you to creatively position your fireplace in a range of spaces.

Standard heaters operate with the flue installed directly through the ceiling and roof. The benefit of a powerflue is it can also be installed horizontally through external walls or even under the floor, leaving you with a sleek, modern heater free from the clutter of a chimney.

For those with a more customary approach to design, a traditional mantelpiece can be achieved by building a mock fireplace – regardless of whether the flue goes through the ceiling or not!

The powerflue works by drawing in air from the outside for combustion and venting gases back outside via the outlet. Apart from the versatility of placement, using a powerflue means the room air is never depleted from the living environment, making it a cleaner source of heating with a higher energy efficiency rating.

Without the limitations of ventilating through the ceiling and roof, you’re free to consider the placement of your heater to suit your aesthetics and heating needs. The horizontal installation configures particularly well for multi-storey apartments, and can even accommodate corners.

Whether you opt for under floor installation or a horizontal installation, Cannon’s stylish Canterbury or Fitzroy models work with your layout and creative aspirations. Visit your nearest retailer to explore your options and learn more about the flexibility of a powerflue.

14 June 2017