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Sampford IXL renamed to IXL Home

New name reflects IXL Home’s role as a leading marketer and distributor of premium home products across Australia & New Zealand. Since 1858, IXL has been synonymous with quality and innovation. Its longevity in the market demonstrates its ability to adapt to and evolve in a constantly changing environment.Read More

Choosing a Cannon

Natural gas heaters are a wonderful investment for the home, providing warmth and a focal point for any living room. Cannon has harnessed the reliability and reputation of gas heaters and elevated them to a new level of Australian design and strength. Let’s take a closer look at what sets Cannon heaters apart.Read More

Cannon Service Reminders

Before you gear up for a cosy winter with your Cannon gas log heater, make sure you take the time to get a service and internal clean by a qualified Cannon technician, or another registered or licensed gasfitter. Like you would service your car, servicing your gas log heater at regular intervals is a sure-fire way to get the most from your heating for years to come.Read More

A winter ready checklist

Be sure to service your Cannon heater for a hiccup free winter! Contact us to arrange a service and internal clean by a qualified Cannon technician, or another registered or licensed plumber. The service and internal clean should be carried out annually, by a professional. It’s a sure fRead More

Host an indoor picnic

Turn your stay-at-home date night, movie night or mid-week meal into a magical indoor picnic. We’ve pinpointed décor tricks and styling ideas to ensure your cosy indoor picnic is a chic and functional occasion. Chances are, you’ll be inclined to stage more of them as the winter months draw close.Read More

Winter warmers

A swimming pool can make your popularity soar in summer. But in the cooler months, an indoor gas fireplace is the ultimate social attraction. Whether inbuilt or freestanding, a modern gas log heater provides the comfort, warmth and cozy atmosphere we all crave in the cold, so why not share it with family and friends? Here are some tips for adding flare to your fireside gathering.Read More

Goodbye chimney, hello Powerflue

Standard heaters operate with the flue installed directly through the ceiling and roof. The benefit of a powerflue is it can also be installed horizontally through external walls or even under the floor, leaving you with a sleek, modern heater free from the clutter of a chimney.

Read More

Canterbury Classic Freestanding

Uh oh, winter is looming. As you squeeze in the last drops of sunny afternoons, it pays to consider your heating options for the frosty months ahead.

A resourceful, flexible option is the Canterbury Classic Freestanding gas log heater. Its elegant, compact design offers freedom from the traditional mantelpiece framework. This means you can slot in this model with ease; creating a mess-free roaring fire in a range of spaces and on any surface in your home. 

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Cannon Cashback before and After

Thank you to everybody who entered our cash back competition! We loved seeing all of your before and after shots and hope everyone is keeping warm during winter. Congratulations to Douglas Gower our lucky April winner! Just for entering, Douglas receives $100 cash back off his Cannon heater purchase and a further $500 off for his fantastic, winning photo entry.Read More

9 Item(s)

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