Natural gas heaters are a wonderful investment for the home, providing warmth and a focal point for any living room. Cannon has harnessed the reliability and reputation of gas heaters and elevated them to a new level of Australian design and strength. Let’s take a closer look at what sets Cannon heaters apart.

Design Focused

Contemporary, clean lines are trademarks of Cannon Gas Log Heaters. Their ability to slip into any living environment means they are equally at home in an industrial, minimalist setting or a plush, colourful retreat.

Each Cannon has the potential for customisation to suit your specific design preferences. Installation options means Cannon designs can be styled to fit comfortably in any size home or apartment too.

If you don’t have a fireplace but like the idea of one, the mock fireplace kit is your solution. Using the kit, your inbuilt heater is easily and safely installed in a plasterboard or timber wall, creating an instant mantlepiece.

Australian Made

Cannon has a proud history of manufacturing quality gas heaters for almost 15 years in Victoria. They are designed for Australian conditions and draw inspiration from the local landscape with their realistic looking Eucalypt logs.

Our Australian standards include a 10 year Heat Exchanger Warranty and a 3 year warranty for Full Parts and Labour.

Energy Efficient

Cannon energy efficient models range from a 3.6 star rating up to a superb 5.5 star rating in the Canterbury Classic and Fitzroy Profile Powerflue models.

Even though they’re light on energy consumption, quality is not compromised. You can expect a generous heating capacity suited to spaces of up to 80m2.

These high star efficiency ratings are made possible by smart design elements like heat exchange technology and controlled heat and fan settings.

Environmentally Conscious

The byproducts of natural gas heaters are mostly water vapor and miniscule amounts of carbon dioxide. Of all of the available types of heating fuels, natural gas offers the fewest emissions.

If you want to lessen your home’s carbon footprint on the environment, then investing in a natural gas heater is the first step in doing so.

Breaking down the core attributes of Cannon, it’s easy to see why their reputation and timeless aesthetics make for a confident purchase. Explore the full range with your nearest retailer.

9 May 2017