Do a seasonal conversion of your house and prepare for the season ahead with our winter ready checklist. These well-planned tasks will keep your home snug, orderly and stress free.

Service your gas heater                                                                                                    

Be sure to service your Cannon heater for a hiccup free winter! Contact us to arrange a service and internal clean by a qualified Cannon technician, or another registered or licensed plumber.

The service and internal clean should be carried out annually, by a professional. It’s a sure fire way to keep your heater durable and your home gas safe. Without this essential check you could be putting your heater through unnecessary wear and tear, which may result in preventable faults or carbon monoxide dangers.

You can dust out the cobwebs on the external surface of your Cannon yourself. All cleaning should be carried out when the heater is cold. Normally the heater should only need wiping with a lint-free damp cloth. Clean the outer glass with a mild liquid or spray-on glass cleaner. Do not use harsh abrasive cleaners or sharp metal scrapers to clean the heater.

Layer your house                                                                                                              

We happily shop for new jumpers and scarves when the temperature drops, but tend to forget our house needs some extra layers too. Indulge your furnishings with a slathering of comfort, and you’ll reap the rewards too.

  • Take cues from your wardrobe and purchase chunky cable knit throws, to provide a warming layer when you need it most.
  • Sheepskin blankets come in a range of styles from black longhair to cropped cream. Lay them on benches, sweep over dining chairs or cover your ottoman.
  • Roll out the rug and beat drafts from underfoot. If you’re really organiszed you can even try your luck at making this latch hook rug.
  • Insulate bare walls with tapestries, wall hangings, mirrors, or framed prints.

Close the gaps                                                                                                                    

A cold chill can find its way into your home, so inspect your windows and doorframes for any gaps. Once you’ve located the weak areas, fill them with a putty solution, foam seal or draught snakes.

Position your furniture                                                                                                

Think about changing up the layout of your bedroom and lounge in response to your house cooling down.  Shifting key furniture away from external walls or patio doors will maneuver you away from the cold, and it’s a nice excuse to shift them closer to your heater!

Don’t forget your plants                                                                                          

  Wander through your backyard and think about your potted pals this winter. Hardy shrubs will need cutting back in preparation and you may like to save cuttings from your favourite hardy perennials.

Many plants prepare themselves for winter by taking cues from the environment, but before the first frosty morning arrives, move pots of annuals, tender perennials, and tropical plants indoors and into the light of a bright window. 

Say bye-bye BBQ                                                                                                        

Clean your BBQ thoroughly to avoid any nasty surprises come next summer season. Cover it up and roll it undercover away from the rain. While you’re at it, move any outdoor settings undercover and think about changing your throw cushions and fabrics for a waterproof alternative.

6 March 2017