Freestanding & Flexible

Uh oh, winter is looming. As you squeeze in the last drops of sunny afternoons, it pays to consider your heating options for the frosty months ahead.

A resourceful, flexible option is the Canterbury Classic Freestanding gas log heater. Its elegant, compact design offers freedom from the traditional mantelpiece framework. This means you can slot in this model with ease; creating a mess-free roaring fire in a range of spaces and on any surface in your home. 

The most obvious placement is your lounge or family room – the centerpiece for living. However, the freestanding model is ideal for any larger open plan areas or living spaces within your home. The metallic black finish blends into eclectic interior designs with minimal fuss. Plus with a depth of just 425mm from the wall and the ability to heat spaces up to 80m2, it’s also a compatible solution for apartment living. 

Australian designed, the gas heater’s glowing red embers and tall flames flicker amongst realistic eucalypt logs. Draw upon the Australian aesthetic and incorporate eucalypt accents into your interior decorating. A floral bush arrangement is an easy starting point and provides fresh scents whilst retreating from rainy weekends.

The Canterbury Freestanding gas log heater is part of the versatile range of Cannon models catering to homes of every style and period. Explore your options with your nearest retailer before the winter season catches up with you.

8 June 2016