Cannon’s Powerflue models have some unique installation and operation advantages.

Unlike standard gas log heaters, the Powerflue can be terminated horizontally from the rear of the unit, eliminating the need for the flue to run up through the wall and protrude above the roofline. This means you can place the heater on any external wall, even in a multi-storey apartment.

The Cannon Powerflue models can also be flued vertically up through a mock fireplace installation or out under the floor making it truly versatile.

Because the Powerflue model draws air from outside for combustion and then vents outside via a secondary flue, it is safe to install into a bedroom or 5 star energy rated home that is well sealed from draughts.

Powerflue advantages at a glance

  • Draws air from the outside
  • Combustion process is sealed from the room
  • Room air is not depleted from the living environment
  • Cleaner source of heating
  • Higher efficiency
  • Flexible installation options – corner location
  • Can be installed in chimneys where integrity of chimney may be an issue
  • No need for zero clearance box
  • Mock kit supplied as standard
  • If space is limited you can penetrate heater through external wall and conceal with weatherproof box