Mock Fireplace Kit: suits all gas fireplace models


If you don’t have a fireplace but like the look, our mock fireplace kit is the answer.

Using the kit, your inbuilt heater can be easily and safely installed in a plasterboard or timber wall.

AUD 239.00
Availability: In stock
Option Suits Gas Log Heater models
MOCKKIT12 FITZIB-SDEN Fitzroy Profile Inbuilt
FITZIB-PDEX Fitzroy Profile Powerflue (included with heater purchase)
CANTIB-SDEE Canterbury Classic Inbuilt
CANTIB-PDEE Canterbruy Classic Powerflue (included with heater purchase)

  1. Flue Type
    Mock kits
  2. Gas Type
    Suites both NG and LPG
  3. Removable Air Filter
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