3200W Horizon Heat Outdoor Heater


The 3200W unit is a hardwired or 15amp plug product with 2700-3200 power watts. It is capable of covering an outdoor covered area of up to 17.5m2The Horizon Heat Outdoor Heater includes a remote control with timer and on product switch and digital display.

The heaters are housed in a powder coated aluminium alloy housing and come standard with a 2 year domestic and a 6 month commercial warranty.

AUD 569.00
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  • Remote control (batteries included)
  • Three heat settings
  • Wall and ceiling mounts
  • 1.8 meter cord
  • 2yr warranty (domestic) & 6mth warranty (commerical)
  • Timer (up to 9hrs)


  • Length: 184 cm
  • Width: 21 cm
  • Height: 15.8 cm
  1. Removable Air Filter

What Horizon Heat model suits my requirements?

Area Coverage: maximum outdoor covered

 CAST18R -  10m2 (Outdoor Enclosed)

 CAST24R  -  13.5m2 (Outdoor Enclosed)

 CAST32R  -  17.5m2 (Outdoor Enclosed) 


Model  Indoor Protected  Outdoor Enclosed  Outdoor Exposed
CAST18R    12m2  10m2  8m2
CAST24R     16m2  13.5m2  11m2
CAST32R      21m2  17.5m2  14m2



What is the cost to run the Horizon Heat outdoor heaters?

Running costs have been based on an average consumption rate of .28 cents per kWh. This may vary slightly from one provider to another.

1.8 kW heater = 50 cents of power consumption per hour.

2.4 kW heater = 67 cents of power consumption per hour.

3.2 kW heater = 90 cents of power consumption per hour.


Can I use one remote control to control multiple heaters?

Yes, one remote can control multiple heaters.


Can I install the Horizon heat outdoor heaters inside?

As long as the recommended clearances are adhered to and installed as per the guidelines.  These may be used in sunrooms, bathrooms and exercise studios, etc.