Canterbury Classic Powerflue Gas Fireplace


5.5 star energy rated, the Powerflue is the ideal choice for the energy conscious.

The double pipe system draws air from the outside for combustion and vents the flue gasses outside.

Flexible flue options take Cannon Powerflue heaters into new territory.

Clever design flaunts convention, letting you install your heater on any external wall, even in a multi-story dwelling.

This heater has a high efficiency star rating of 5.5 stars and is suitable for use in 5 star energy rated homes.

AUD 4,575.00
Type  Inbuilt Powerflue
Colours available  Black
Gas types available  
 Natural gas
 LP gas
Design features  Realistic eucalypt look logs
 Double glazed glass fascia
 Enhanced flame effect
Controls  Electronic ignition and controls
Fan/heat settings  3 speed / 3 heat
Heat output  6.42 kW / 23.11 MJ/h
Heats on average  80 square metres (80 m2)
Gas consumption  26 MJ/hr
Efficiency rating  5.5 stars for units with flue 600mm long
 (tested to AS 4553:2008)
Safety  5 continuously monitored safety systems
Inclusions  2 x 50mm diameter lengths of 400mm aluminium flexible tubing
 Insulating blanket
 Flue terminal
 Fireplace opening (brick & masonry)  Mock fireplace opening (combustible materials)
Height (mm)  653  Min: 605
 Max: 640
 Min: 630
 Max: 640
Width (mm)  850  Min: 700
 Max: 760
 Min: 730
 Max: 760
Depth (mm)  125  Min: 472
 (includes 25mm clearance between flue spigot  and rear brickwork).
 Max: N/A
 Min: 472
 (includes 25mm clearance between back of heater and rear wall and allows 50mm clearance to bend flue in horizontal applications).
 Max: N/A

Dimensions of flue
Flue and air inlet through 50mm diameter aluminium & PVC pipes.
2 x 400mm lengths of 50mm flexible aluminium hose.

Dimensions of flue terminal
Maximum length of flue: 6.0m
Minimum length of flue: 130mm
Flue terminal: 160mm outer diameter, 150mm deep (horizontal), 200mm high (vertical)
See installation instructions for further details.

Refer to downloads tab for drawings.

Planning notes

  • Gas connection via a ½” copper compression fitting.
  • A 10 amp socket within 1.5m is required. Inbuilt models can be direct wired with an accessible isolating switch.
  • A mock installation kit is included with heater, and may need to be removed from brick/masonry openings to allow fitment in openings less than 630mm high.
  • If you have a larger opening than the maximum height indicated, a surround kit is recommended.
  • The minimum depth specified for the mock fireplace opening includes 25mm clearance between back of heater and rear wall and allows 50mm clearance to bend flue in horizontal applications. We recommend 522mm min depth in vertical flueing applications using flexible pipes. In the event space constraints inhibit the installation process, where it is not possible to maintain a 50mm or 100mm cavity depth clearance, for ease of installation these clearances can be reduced. However, under AS5601 guidelines a minimum clearance of 25mm to combustibles MUST be maintained at all times.
  • The Powerflue heaters are supplied with the flue and cowl to be vented directly out the back through an external wall. If you wish to flue this unit vertically out through the roof or down under the floor the Extended flue kit FLUEWFX accessory will need to be purchased.


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Instruction manuals

> F4011 D Cannon Powerflue Instructions

More about Powerflue heaters

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