Fitzroy Console Kits


A decorative cover that fits around the heater to allow installation against an existing wall without building a mock fireplace or installing a mantelpiece.

Compatible with all gas types for Fitzroy

Price as configured AUD 565.00
Option Colour Suits Gas Log Heater models
CONSFITZX-B      Black      FITZIB-SDEN Fitzroy Profile Inbuilt
CONSFITZX-P      Metallic platinum      FITZIB-SDEN Fitzroy Profile Inbuilt
CONSPWRFITZ-B      Black      FITZIB-PDEX Fitzroy Profile Powerflue
CONSPWRFITZ-P      Metallic platinum      FITZIB-PDEX Fitzroy Profile Powerflue
  1. Gas Type
    Suites both NG and LPG
  2. Removable Air Filter
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